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The pricing algorithm is dynamic and complex, but there are several
key aspects that help you understand how it works:

The algorithm gathers information about your property from your property management system property management system or directly from the portal. This data includes the location of your
listing, details about it (e.g. number of bedrooms, number of beds), projected prices, booking history and availability. The system analyses various booking portals and direct data sources to
gain a full understanding of what is happening in the market. It currently searches over 10 million listings from Airbnb, Vrbo and The algorithm focuses on prices based on hyperlocal data, which allows it to capture unique trends specific to small groups of listings. It uses dynamic programming techniques to optimise prices in order to effectively deal with the challenge of setting optimal prices over time,taking into account changing booking opportunities, frequent price adjustments and the the huge number of possible price combinations. As a result, the algorithm forecasts demand by analysing booking patterns in the market, making it possible to predict periods of high and low demand.
It should be noted that the algorithm takes into account the prices in your market, in your area and in your city, allowing you to adapt your offer to current conditions and ensure optimal prices for your property.

The price of an apartment is shaped by many factors. Firstly, The Parameters of the Apartment Itself Areen Into Account, Such ASEA, Number of Bedrooms and Beds, Standard, Floor, View from the Window, AS Well as Amenities, Both Standard and Special, Such AS Swimming Pool Or Free Parking in The City Center.

Then, External Factors Are Taken Into Account, Such AS The Location of the Apartment, Prices of Competing Offers in the Area, Occupcy of the Apartment, Gaps Between Reservations, Occupcy in the Area, Seasonality, Day of the Week, as well as surdoing Events and Holidays.

Finally, The Price is adjusted depending on the length of Stay, Reservation Period, Type of Reservation (Non-Refundable or Refundable), AS Well as Any Any Promotions and Loyalty Programs.

All These Elements Together Create the Final Price for Your Stay in Our Apartment.

Of course, our main goal is to Maximize Revenues. This revenue is the result of two key factors: occupcy and average daily rate. Theoretically, Higher Prices Could Lead to Lower Occupcy. Therefore, to Maximize Revenues, THESE Two VARARIABLES MUST BE PROPERLY BALANCED ALL Times.

When occupcy is low, raising prices can only worsen results. On the Other Hand, If the Apartment is Consistmently in High Demand, Increasing Prices May Be Beneficial. Therefore, our pricing strategy is dynamic and adapts to current market condations so that the apartment is rented for the highest possible amount – this is a very difficult and complex process.

The price for individual days Depends on Many Varights. This makes forecasting earnings extremely complicated. Even Two Identical Apartments, in the same place and time, can general completety different revelenues.

Bridge Forecasts Based on Averages or Price Ranges May Be Present. Some Apartments May to Great and Generate High Revenues, While Others May do Much Worse.

Of course, all This Largely Depends on the Current Demand and Supply on the Market, Seasonality, and Attractive Cultural Events. When Demand Is Very Low, The Best Apartments in Terms of Quality/Price May Meet Almost All the Demand, and the Rest May Remain Empty for Most of the Month. Howver, When Demand Increases, Even Less Attractive Apartments May Become More Popular.

Every Week and Day on the Market Is Different, All of Which Shows How Dynamic and Complex Short-Term Rentals can Be.

The High Initial Price of A New Apartment is a Special Procedure that Takes Place Before Symphronizes The Appropriarate Rates From A Dedicated System. Thanks to this, we Avoid A Sitiation in Which a Reservation Could Occur Where The Price is not Adjusted to Demand and Supply Factors. In Other Words, The Price Could Be Set Too Low for the Holiday Season or Event. This process tits a maximum of 48 hours.

This is the result of an advanced algorithm that takes many factors into account. You can find out how the algorithm works in our faq.

The offer price is influenced by many variables, here are the key ones:
– Property parameters
– Location
– Competition
– Occupancy
– Availability
– Seasonality
– Days of the week
– Length of stay
– Booking type
– Promotions and loyalty programmes of booking portals

We provide a comprehensive service for your property. With price control in charge of the pricing and analysis department, which observes the short-term rental market for you Price management is automatic and is carried out by an algorithm and our price analysts. They monitor various factors such as demand, supply, seasonality, competition and much more to determine the optimal prices.

However, if you wish to have some influence on the pricing process, you can contact us to discuss your preferences and expectations. We are always open to suggestions and are happy to adapt our strategies to meet your needs. Remember, however, that the final decision will always be based on data analysis and algorithms to ensure the greatest efficiency.


The Damage Reporting Procedure Works AS Follows: Most Often, The Cleaning Service Reports Any Damage. After Receiving Photos of the Damage, The Technical Department Begins to Verify The Problem and Estimate the Repair. Then, The Customer Service Department (BOK) Contacts the Guest Who Caused The Damage to Charge Him for the Repair Costs. Thanks to this process, we are able to quickly and effectively manage any damage and maintain the property.

Repair Costs are covered by Bookinghost or the Owner, Depending on the Specific situation. In some cases, cost May be split between bot parties. IT All Depends on the Circumps and Type of Repair. Bookinghost – Covers The Costs of Repirs that were caused by Guests, But Were Not AFFECTED By Depreciation, Interior Design Or IncorRrect Installation
The Owner Covers The Costs of Repirs Resulting From Depreciation, IncorRrect Assembly or Interior Design.


If you want to use the ownership stay during the reservation assumed by guests, it is possible. However, it should be remembered that this requires canceling the current booking, which may be associated with negative consequences.

The Consequents of Canceling a Reservation Can Be Negative and Vary Depending on the Booking Site. For Example, On Airbnb We May Be Subject to A Cancellation Penalty, Experience a Reduction in Our Host Rating, Or Even Our Listing May Be Blocked. In Turn, May Impose Cancellation Costs on US or Attempt to Move the Guest to Another Location. If the relocation is successful but the New Accommodation Costs More, The Price Difference May Be Charged to the Host as an Additional Cost

This is the result of an advanced algorithm that takes many factors into account. You can find out how the algorithm works in our faq.

Property Parameters, Location and Competition

Initially, new apartments (especially out of season) are not highly positioned, which means that the only way to increase their visibility is to offer very low prices, promotions and rental possibilities for one day (for the next 6 days). After receiving the first few reservations, positive reviews, the apartment goes to the new group. When the occupancy begins to increase, we raise prices.

Initially, New Apartments (Especilyly Out of Season) are not highly Positioned, which means that the only way to increase their visibility is to offer very low price, promotions and the possibility of renting for one day (for the next 6 days). After Receiving the First Few Reservations and Positive Reviews, The Apartment is transferred to a new group. When Occupcy Starts to Increase, We Raise Prices.

Yes, Our Consultants Always Introduce Themselves by Name and Company Name.

The Bookinghost Team Will Handle All Guest Reviews.

We do everything in our power to correspond to guests within 15 minutes during working hours. The answers can be slightly delayed in the morning when we deal with the questions received last night. We also plan to implement Chatbot, which will be available 24/7 so as to help in urgent guests outside standard working hours.

This is not a problem due to the independent check -in, which takes place using the key box. This solution is available to most real estate. It is a flexible and safe solution that allows guests to check in at any time, around the clock.

We provide guests with details about check-in via the platform, e-mail and SMS before planned check-in. In an unlikely case, when the guest has difficulty entering the house, our guests’ hotline is available from 8-21 to help them solve the problem.
In addition, we plan to expand the hours of the hotline in the near future so that it is available 24/7

If the guest breaks the ban on smoking, e-cigarettes, IQOS, crazy and other stimulants, break the night silence, organizes a party/social party or realizes a stay with an animal without our joint consent, will be imposed with a penalty of PLN 500 for each case of violation.

If there is a greater number of people in the apartment during night silence than indicated in the reservation, a penalty of PLN 500 for each additional person is in force.

In the event of destruction, losing or theft of the key to the apartment, the pilot to the gate/barrier, parking card, there is a penalty of PLN 100 per item. In addition, the guest covers the cost of replacing the locks, making the key to the cage/chip, as well as the remote control.

In the event of a towel or bedding, there is a penalty of PLN 50 per item.

In case of destruction or theft of an apartment equipment, the guest will be charged with the total costs of repair or purchase.*

*The amounts obtained from the guest are allocated to the damage and defects.

In a situation of sudden failure, you should contact our customer service department (BOK).

Agents are available from 8:00 to 21:00 at the phone number 22 113 14 14.

Our employees will try to help and remedy the problem or direct you to appropriate repair services.

Repair costs are covered by Bookinghost or the owner, depending on the specific situation. In some cases, the costs may be divided between both sides. It all depends on the circumstances and type of repair. Bookinghost – covers the costs of repair that were caused by guests, but the depreciation, interior design or incorrect assembly did not affect it
Owner – covers repair costs that result from depreciation, incorrect assembly or interior arrangement.

The damage reporting procedure works as follows: most often the cleaning service reports all damage. After receiving photos of damage, the technical department proceeds to verify the problem and valuation of repair. Then, the Customer Service Department (BOK) contacts the guest, which caused damage to the amount of repair costs. Thanks to this process, we are able to quickly and effectively manage all damage and maintenance of real estate.

To avoid potential problems during registration, please not keep the code to the key box. If for some reason you think the code should be changed, please contact the customer service.

Yes, but very rarely there are situations when guests do not want to leave the apartment. In such cases, our customer service department contacts guests, warning them that if they do not leave the apartment, they will have to pay for an additional day of their stay, and we will be forced to call the police. If the guests do not respond to our call, we send a representative of our company, who, assisted by the police, tries to get to the apartment. We always operate in accordance with the law and care about the safety and comfort of both our guests and apartment owners.

After each stay, our cleaning service thoroughly checks the equipment of the apartment. If we notice that something is missing, we immediately contact guests to recover the missing items or receivables for them.

Implementation of the apartment and the first reservations

First cleaning: This is a general cleaning of the apartment, which aims to prepare it for rent. This includes thorough cleaning of all rooms to ensure the highest standard of cleanliness for our guests.
Delivery of bedding: This means providing a set of bedding, which is standard in our apartments. The bedding is fresh and clean, ready to use by our guests.
Both of these stages are necessary to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of our guests

Cleaning and laundry services function as follows:

Cleaning: Our cleaning service cleans the apartments thoroughly after each completed stay. Thanks to this, every new guest enters a clean and prepared apartment.

Washing: After the stay, used towels and bedding are sent to the laundry. The cleaning service provides a new, fresh set of bedding and towels for the apartment each time.

Thanks to this system, we can provide the highest standard of cleanliness and comfort for our guests.

Initially, new apartments (especially out of season) are not highly positioned, which means that the only way to increase their visibility is to offer very low prices, promotions and rental possibilities for one day (for the next 6 days). After receiving the first few reservations, positive reviews, the apartment goes to the new group. When the occupancy begins to increase, we raise prices.

The stages of implementation after the protocol are:

– Apartment equipment verification: We check if everything is in place and whether there are no missing elements.
– notification of any faults: If you notice any defects, please remove them by the owners or we can offer the support of our technical department for a fee so that the apartment is ready for rent.
– First cleaning: We carry out thorough cleaning of the apartment to ensure the highest standard of cleanliness for our guests.
– photo session: We take professional photos of the apartment, which are later used in the rental offer.
– Online implementation: After all these stages, the apartment is ready for rent and is published on our website and on other rental portals.

We need 3 pairs of keys to apartment for several reasons:

A pair of keys in the box: This key pair is available to guests who rent a flat. It is stored in a safe box, to which guests receive the code.
The key in the safe in the office: This key is stored as a spare in our office. It can be used in emergency situations or when the box keys are inaccessible.
The key for cleaning: This key is intended for our cleaning staff. It allows them to access the apartment so that they can clean and prepare a flat for subsequent guests.

Cleaning the apartment will take place up to 4 days after the protocol, provided that there are no faults. A photo session will be held the day after cleaning. Then, the photos are processed for about 3 days. The whole process, from the report to the publication of the online offer, lasts a maximum of 14 days.

The approximate date of preparation and publication of the apartment depends on many factors. As a rule, it ranges from 10 to 14 days.

In our company we have a dedicated department of owners’ caregivers who deals with comprehensive service of our clients. These guardians are experienced and well prepared to manage all issues related to rent. You can be sure that your apartment will be in good hands.

Access to contact with guardians will be available through the customer panel, just enter the contact tab and set a meeting on the calendar.

We ensure that the boxes are heavily glued to the surface with a very strong double -sided tape. After each stay, our cleaning service checks the attachment of the box to ensure its safety.

We do not drill boxes to avoid damage to the walls, doors or other common parts in the staircase. In the event that the box would peel off and fall, it is still not possible to open it without knowing the code. The safety of our clients and their property is a priority for us.

Currently, box codes are changed every few months on average. We are in the process of improving the process so that the caches for the caches are changed at a higher frequency.


The settlement looks as follows:

The guest paid an example of PLN 1,000 per rent. This is the amount without cleaning costs. From this amount, we subtract VAT (8%), Bookinghost commissions (20%) and portal commissions, which depending on the portal is variable (15-20%). After deducting these costs, the amount for the owner is about 50-60%* of what the guest pays on the portal. In our example, this is PLN 568.39

*The amount of % for the owner depends on the amount of days in the booking.
*The amount for cleaning the guest pays is deducted from each reservation.

To sum up
568.39 (rent for the net owner) + 74.07 (VAT 8% for accommodation) + 185.19 (BH commission) + 172.35 (portal commission) + 149 (cleaning) = PLN 1,149.00 the amount of the guest paid

We understand that delays in payments can arouse questions and anxiety. We would like to explain that this may take place. Sometimes this is due to Christmas and weekends that fall out during periods of payment or delays in transfers from the portals with which we cooperate. In addition to the mentioned, the cyclical technical work conducted by portals, i.e. Airbnb or

We are dependent on their payment schedules and this may affect the timely payment of our payments to the owners.

We want to assure you that we do everything in our power to minimize such delays and ensure the liquidity of the payment process. Your satisfaction is a priority for us and we work hard to provide you with the highest standard of service


The duties of the owner of the apartment in are as follows:

– Preparation of key sets: The owner is responsible for preparing the appropriate number of sets of keys to the apartment.

– Preparation of the equipment list: The owner should prepare a detailed list of housing equipment. This list is necessary to monitor the condition of the apartment and its content. If the elements of the equipment, especially the elements of the kitchen assortment, are worn out, the owner’s duty is to mention them, Bookinghost is supported in this respect.

– Preparation of the necessary information for daily Apartment service by Bookinghost: The owner should provide all necessary information that will allow Bookinghost daily service of the apartment.

By fulfilling these duties, we can provide the highest quality of services for our guests.

As an apartment owner, you can help in reviews and duties in several ways. Most often, the owners receive information about the review as the first. A person must be present in order to perform a review in the apartment. It is possible to block the calendar for the whole day, but unfortunately not for hours.

On the main page in the panel, after clicking on the ‘Edit calendar’ button, you can make a ‘without cleaning’ lock at night. However, we advise against making blockages, because if a new reservation appears, our customer service department (BOK) will contact the guest asking if he will be in the indicated hours in the apartment, which is tantamount to accepting the person carrying out the review.

If the guest does not answer or it turns out that he will not be in the indicated hourly range in the apartment, then the side will inform him that the owner will appear on the spot. Such action is imposed on us by the Act on security regulations.

To raise grades on the portal, you can support us in the distinction of your offer. This can be done by adding various amenities, such as air conditioning, parking, coffee availability, etc.

It is also worth using the Homestageing services, thanks to this service the value of the offer can increase significantly.

In addition, cooperation with our technical department may be valuable, especially in the case of items to be exchanged in the apartment. Thanks to this, the apartment will always be in the best condition, which certainly translates into positive guests’ grades.

It is not possible to remove negative opinions. The only way is the response to the opinions to clarify the situation or apologize for any inconvenience. Our customer service department (BOK) verifies opinions and reports to the portals a problem if the opinion may violate the regulations. Thanks to this, we try to maintain justice and reliability of opinions. Unfortunately, receiving a positive opinion is much more difficult, which is why we try to encourage guests with additional activities, *

*BOK, cannot answer both a positive and negative assessment of the apartment for which there is no comment.


See how much you could earn:


Calculations based on a comparable list in the area of real estate, the number of guests and data and Bookinghost analysis



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